Harter wins Hampden Medical Center BEE Award

A male patient care associate wearing hospital scrubs holds a certificate honoring him for great patient care. He is surrounded by ten male and female hospital teammates. A person dressed in a bee costume points to the honoree.Hampden Medical Center’s Joshua Harter, patient care associate, holds his DAISY Award surrounded by team members and managers.

Joshua Harter, a patient care associate, is the recipient of Hampden Medical Center’s quarterly BEE (Be Extraordinary Every Day) Award. A patient nominated Harter, highlighting his “magnetic and warm demeanor.”

May 9, 2024Penn State Health News

“While I was admitted as a patient, I experienced his excellent care and compassion first hand,” the patient wrote. “Not only was his care excellent, but the support I could see him providing to my nurse made them seem like a solid team, there specifically to take care of me as best as they could.”

The patient noted that Harter will make a great nurse.

The Hampden Medical Center Nursing Department presents the BEE Award to non-nurse team members, who provide extraordinary care to patients, visitors and each other. All recipients receive a pin, honey, chocolate and a certificate.

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