Globig receives Lancaster Medical Center’s DAISY Award

Four people stand side-by-side, smiling against a wall with a marker board, and a sign that says, “Congratulate Our DAISY Award Honoree! The DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses. Honoring nurses internationally in memory of J. Patrick Barns.”Lancaster Medical Center’s nursing leadership team celebrates DAISY Award winner Nick Globig, registered nurse. Left to right: Claire Mooney, senior vice president and chief operating officer; award winner Nick Globig; Stephanie Ritchey, nurse manager of the 6 North Medical-Surgical Unit; and Julie Weimer, director of inpatient services.

Lancaster Medical Center presented its fourth-quarter DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to Nick Globig, a registered nurse in the 6 North Medical-Surgical Unit. Thirteen nurses were nominated for the award in recognition of their skillful, compassionate care and their daily support of patients and families.

March 7, 2024Penn State Health News

Although Globig’s care for the patient who nominated him was brief — just half of one shift — he made a remarkable impression on her. When she expressed concerns about her discharge notes, he called her doctor back in to talk with her.

“I appreciated that he took my concerns seriously and made sure that I was as informed as I wanted and needed to be,” she wrote in her nomination. But it was Globig’s actions after the patient was discharged that inspired her to nominate him for the DAISY Award. As she and her sister-in-law were driving out of the hospital parking lot, they saw Globig running toward their car while waving something white in his hands. It was the patient’s favorite Penn State White Out sweatshirt that she’d left in her room.

“That in and of itself was beyond anything I’d expect from my nurse,” she wrote. “What really made this special is that Nick is a Pitt grad!”

Globig’s nurse manager, Stephanie Ritchey, said that the nomination illustrates the quiet compassion and selflessness he displays toward his patients and his peers.

“Nick practices the art of nursing in a calm, reassuring manner that puts his patients at ease,” Ritchey said. “He excels at reading the needs of his patients and providing the appropriate care.”

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