Penn State Health observes Transgender Day of Remembrance in November

The rainbow Pride flag waves in the wind above the Transgender Pride flag, which has blue, pink and white stripes.

Penn State Health acknowledged Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20, a day that honors the memory of lives lost through acts of anti-transgender violence. The term “transgender” describes people whose gender identity does not match the biological sex or gender identity they were assigned at birth.

November 28, 2023Penn State Health News

Transgender individuals continue to experience violence, discrimination and challenges, including:

  • 57% of transgender people have faced rejection by family as a result of their identity.
  • Approximately 30% have experienced homelessness and poverty.
  • People who identify as transgender are four times more likely to be physically assaulted, especially transgender persons of color.
  • At least 41 transgender and gender-nonconforming people were killed in the United States due to transphobia as of 2022.

“Change can only begin within each of us,” said Jude McCrea, program manager for diverse employee engagement in the Penn State Health Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “Some ways to support transgender persons are by continuing to educate yourself, treating each colleague and patient with respect and creating a more welcoming environment for people of all genders.”

For example, employees can foster a more inclusive environment for patients and colleagues by asking for a person’s preferred pronouns. Using a person’s chosen name and pronouns is essential to affirming their identity and showing basic human respect, said McCrea.

Local resources and events support transgender people

GLO works to empower LGBTQ+ men of color and transgender women of color. The organization offers information on support and resources needed to create holistically healthy, authentic lives, relationships and communities.

Several local events that commemorated the lives lost to anti-transgender violence included:

  • Ceremony at All Souls Church, hosted by Reading Pride
  • Gathering for Reflection in Harrisburg, hosted by GLO

Columbia Crossing on 120 in Lancaster County, hosted by the LGBT Center of Greater Reading’s satellite location

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