Holy Spirit names Kalra 2022 Physician of the Year

A woman stands in front of a podium holding a microphone in one hand and a plaque in the other. In the background there is a projection screen, electronic equipment and star-shaped balloons.Dr. Gurmeet Kalra accepted Holy Spirit Medical Center’s 2022 Physician of the Year award on March 30.

Holy Spirit Medical Center presented Dr. Gurmeet Kalra with the 2022 Physician of the Year award during its annual Doctors’ Day Appreciation Breakfast on March 30.

March 31, 2022Penn State Health News

“It’s a great honor, and it’s very humbling that they chose me for this award,” Kalra said. “We are all deserving of this together.”

A group of physicians and nurses selected Kalra for the award after reviewing each nominee’s qualifications without knowledge of their identities.

Lauded by colleagues for patient interactions that are “always kind, professional and caring,” Kalra attributed her manner to a lesson she learned during medical school.

“My supervising physician said, ‘Today your task is to just sit there at the bedside with this terminally ill patient, hold his hand and understand and learn how that feels because this is going to happen a lot in your life. You need to understand what this means and how to move forward.’ It was one of the most valuable lessons I learned that day,” she said. “And, until this day, I remember that.”

In presenting the award, Dr. Bret DeLone, vice president of medical affairs, noted that all the nominees possess a special kind of moral courage.

“With doctors, we expect them to be smart, capable and well-trained, learned and compassionate,” he said. “But, the thing I don’t think we give them enough credit for is courage.”

Breast surgeon Dr. Angela Soto-Hamlin and cardiologist Dr. Andreas Wali were runners-up for the award.

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