It’s a match: Penn State College of Medicine students find their futures during Match Day

Mauri Druash-Gladys is embraced by her sister Rebecca, after Mauri’s daughter, Taylor, learned her residency destination at Penn State College of Medicine’s Match Day ceremony.

Medical school tradition celebrated in person for first time in two years

March 18, 2022Penn State College of Medicine News

For the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, fourth-year medical students at Penn State College of Medicine gathered in person today to celebrate Match Day. The annual tradition, carried out by medical schools across the country, involves students and their friends and families coming together to find out which residency programs students will join to complete the next phase of their training.

The event, which took place at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel, included a countdown to the moment when the students ripped their envelopes open, followed by cheers and celebration.

“These students have spent half their medical school journey adapting to the challenges presented by the pandemic,” said Dr. Emmanuelle Williams, associate professor of medicine and associate dean for student affairs. “For them to be able to gather to celebrate this special milestone is something that makes all of us — their faculty, mentors, peers, friends and family — very happy.”

Match Day 2022The process to match students to residency programs starts long before Match Day. Months ago students evaluated residency programs – and the programs evaluated them. The students learned today if they were matched with the residency programs of their choice.

About 43 percent of the College of Medicine graduates are accepting residency appointments in Pennsylvania, with 40 of those graduates matching to programs at Penn State Health. The rest of the students are headed for programs across the country. Thirty-five percent of the graduates are entering primary care residencies. Of the 159 students who took part in Match Day, three students will receive their training at military medical centers.

“On behalf of the entire College of Medicine community, I want to congratulate our fourth-year medical students for what they’ve achieved so far and for the things they will accomplish in the future,” said Dr. Kevin Black, interim dean at the College of Medicine. “Their resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic has formed them into bright, insightful and empathetic leaders who will shape the future of medicine.”

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